These are without doubt Buffalo's signature dish.

Buffalo Wing

This is unique take on French dip, thick roast beef sandwich on salty kimmelweck roll

Beef on Weck

Spaghetti topped with sauce and hefty amounts of parmesan cheese

Spaghetti Parmesan

Take chicken fingers, stuff them inside fresh-baked sub roll with various topping

Chicken Finger Sub

Combines elements of several styles of pizza into one unique take on this classic Italian-American dish

Buffalo-Style Pizza

Can see all over U.S.A. but in Buffalo, its year-round staple of batter-fried fish, range of different classic side

Fish Fry

Dogs are grilled over coals to add in that extra smoky flavor that makes them irresistible

Charcoal Grilled Hot Dog

A confection made up of sugar spun into a honeycomb-like consistency, then covered in melted chocolate  

Sponge Sweet

Buffalo's particular dessert, doughnut that is completely coated in a confection known as peanut roll  

Peanut Sticks  

Buffalo natives like to eat these small ravioli stuffed with variety of things, from cheese and onions to potatoes and sour cream